Our Vision, Mission and Values


Our vision is to love our neighbours, welcoming anyone who needs friendship or help and guiding them towards a happier future.


We meet people at their point of need. We listen, we support, we encourage, we work together to build confidence, self respect, self reliance and hope so that people aspire to brighter and positive futures.


Our values are that we:

  • Strive for change and growth in order to guide the people we engage toward their full potential and to move our organisation towards greater effectiveness.
  • Encourage community by welcoming without judgement, everyone who comes to us and all who work with us and among us.
  • Demonstrate God’s love by not giving up on people and seeking to meet their needs, on a practical, emotional and spiritual level.
  • Promote independence and interdependence by working with individuals to develop self-reliance, while advocating the value of community. Also recognising Signposts need for self-sufficiency, while continuing to work with partner agencies.

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