At Signposts we have our own professional Community Workers who build supportive relationships with clients and offer both emotional and practical support where needed. Their role can range from sitting chatting informally to people in the café to helping people to fill in forms, understanding how complex benefits decisions are arrived at, contacting agencies and charities on behalf of clients, advocating for clients and mentoring clients. A key part of what our workers do is to build community by gathering people together in groups for meals, for activities, or discussions, so that mutual support can be facilitated.

We partner with a number of agencies and charities that book room space at our centre to help us extend the range of services on offer.

The Cafe
The Cafe is at the heart of our centre. It’s where we offer refreshments and a range of snacks. Anyone is welcome to come in during our opening hours of  9:30am to 2:30pm Monday to Friday. You can just enjoy the cafe, read the paper, work or play on your laptop, or access the in house internet-enabled computers. You may prefer to be on your own or chat to other customers, or our workers, or access the groups and services that run in the centre. In return we ask only that you adhere to our Code of Conduct which ensures that a respectful and friendly atmosphere is maintained at all times.