Our Vision We aim to love our neighbours, welcoming anyone who needs friendship or help and guide them towards a happier future. Our Aims 1. To give Advice and Information. To make our centre a hub of the local community where there is easy access to housing, financial, wellbeing, employment and family advice and courses. 2. To Encourage The Signpost Centre is also there to encourage individuals to help themselves and improve their circumstances, whether that is through organised courses and groups or simply introducing the individual to the right person with the right advice. 3. To Support The most important part of each centre is that we provide face-to-face support for individuals in the community. This support is based on what each individual needs. It could be company, a cup of tea, access to the internet or even just a friendly face. The services, support and encouragement provided at the centre are flexible. At Signposts we want to be accommodating in what we provide so that we can help as many people in our town as possible.

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